Millville, like many small communities, has never lacked in community and recreational activities. With the several churches of the area and the Millville Elementary School sponsoring these events, there was always something to do. However, for the people of the Millville area there was always the need for an organization to bring all the people together into one body for the purpose of bettering the community through various civic and recreational functions.

With this in mind there has emerged a club of which the people of the community are very proud, the Millville Sportsmen Club.

In 1966 a meeting was held to establish the rules and purposes of the club and to elect the officers. A small community park was planned around 1970 across from the Millville school. Plans were to create a picnic area and horseshoe courts. In the school yard, work began on a tennis court and outdoor basketball goals. A building would also be erected to house a firetruck in the Millville area.

Softball leagues were sponsored by the club and other activities including horseshoe tournaments, Little League basketball and sponsoring Cub Scout and Boy Scout groups. Other events included rifle matches, a turkey shoot, country music contests and kite flying contests.

A unique feature of the club was the abscense of special awards to individuals for their club work. The club feels that if a program is a success, it is due to all the members working together for that success rather than the head of a project committee or the committee itself.

In 1970, Bob Etherington accepted the deed to the property across from the Millville School on McCracken Pike for the recreation area. The property was donated by Robert Perry and a dedication ceremony was held on October 2, 1971.